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Crafts for Men in a Homeless Hostel

Group activities involving crafts for men can be hard to find on a tight budget, and the majority of craft supplies out there are flowery, feminine...

Creativity & Wellbeing with Handmade Cards

Who would have thought that a group of guys in a homeless hostel would be chilling out of an evening making handmade cards?!   We had another 'fr...

Donating Unwanted Craft Supplies

When we started our craft sessions with guys at a homeless hostel, we had virtually no budget and had to rely on cheap pound shop craft supplies to...

Making Christmas Wreaths in a Homeless Hostel

Making Christmas Wreaths in a Homeless Hostel

When you're homeless and living in temporary accommodation, you're not going to have much by way of Christmas decorations.  

We wanted to run a class where people made something festive for their rooms. It had to be achievable and not involve fancy craft supplies beyond what you find in your average pound shop this time of year. It also had to cater for any number of people who might turn up to the class, with varying levels of interest in what you were wanting to make.

Introducing Crafting4Good CIC

Introducing Crafting4Good CIC

Crafting4Good CIC is our new company name, reflecting how we put people, wellbeing, mental health and respect for our environment first.  Creativity is good for wellbeing, so our social mission is to make creativity accessible and affordable, while also as eco-friendly as possible.  We are a social enterprise where society profits, rather than us, with any surplus income being reinvested*